About Cathy (Ashima) Kahrs


A Journey

Cathy (Ashima) has been a student of life, exploring first the world of speech/language pathology for over thirty years before shifting to life as a massage therapist in 1998. (In 1981, she became an associate professor for speech /language pathology, a position she held for five years.)

Additional Trainings:

After graduation from massage school, she continued to explore several different treatment protocols including: Cranio-Sacral Therapy (200+ hrs), Sacred Spaces Therapy (100+hrs), Lomi-Lomi Massage, Lymph Drainage Therapy (100+ hrs), Hot Stone Massage, Watsu (200+hrs) and Continuum Movement (200+ hrs) (1998 to present). She also received training in Reiki and Trauma Release and the Nia Technique (see certifications below).

Simultaneous with these trainings were several “life challenges”, events that demanded a view of the body from deep within, affirming her understanding of massage therapy as a vital component to overall well being.

As a therapist, she has been led into a world of rich challenges from clients, each presenting a variety of issues and offering nuances that have deepened her understanding. She has worked with clients exhibiting trauma issues, chronic fatigue syndrome, eating disorders, neurological challenges (paralysis, closed head injury, ALS, stroke), psoas issues, frozen shoulder and those with general physical dis-ease.

Fluid Integrative Bodywork emerged as a massage form blending these many and varied trainings with some table experiences that awakened insights into a greater field of body awareness and sensory connections. FIB offers deep tissue work that blends whole body understanding of anatomy and physiology with expanded use of traditional massage techniques. The results are strategies that release, relieve and soothe tissue while unwinding deeply held restrictions.

Currently, Cathy (Ashima) offers multiple services including individual massage sessions, weekly Nia classes, bi-weekly Continuum classes and periodic workshops.