Fluid Integration Bodywork


For Massage Therapy Clients (Individual Sessions)

Fluid Integration Bodywork (FIB) honors the flow of traditional massage, while shifting the focus to mobility and free flow of fluids around and through muscles, bones, joints, ligaments and tendons as well as internal organs and tubes. Clients seeking a relaxing massage will find FIB a delightful experience, an opportunity to fully open to deep unwinding.

Relax & Enjoy. Embrace deep breaths into the whole body as chronic or acute discomforts melt away.

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For Massage Therapists (Workshops for NCBTMB CE Hours)

These workshops offer a fresh look at the therapeutic model. Exploring effective strategies that transform chronic and acute tissue restrictions and facilitate improvement in overall well-being.

Learn to work Smarter, not Harder

Taste simple, but powerful trans-formative tools based on Continuum Movement philosophy, Lymph Massage principles, Cranial-Sacral theory, and on the aquatic freedom of Watsu©.

Evidence now suggests that releasing restrictions through massage directed mobility invites a return to free flowing circulation and enhanced energetic connection.

Circulation involves 70-90% of the body, suggesting that while blood flow is vital to a healthy organism, so also are the multiple avenues of interstitial pathways and fascial networks that silently enrich our body awareness. These channels can literally be "clogged" with debris, acidic tenderness and or other circulatory restrictions from over worked tissues, postural issues, emotional patterning, medical issues and other factors.

Fluid Integration Bodywork blends principles of a variety of fluid based therapies, addressing ‘deep’ tissue restrictions while recognizing that what impacts one area affects the entire system.

This therapeutic blend is dependent on a thorough understanding of anatomy and physiology as well as an honoring of the body as a unit of multi-dimensional connectedness - that awareness that our miraculous human body reflects the oneness of the universe.