Soma Yoga

soma yoga

Join the awakening of sensory connections, self-empowerment and presence.

Soma Yoga invites you cultivate strength, flexibility, and sensory awakening within your tissues. Join us as we connect with the energies of Internal Prana circulating into joints and Nadis (points of energy) and enlivening Mind, Body & Spirit.

“Soma Yoga is a slow depth practice and process integrating and exploring yoga, breath, silence and open inquiry in natural body movement without unnecessary force. It is a way of deeply accessing the intelligence of our biological system that is always working to keep us optimally healthy. Some practices provide a context to dive into the realms of the elemental primordial body bringing about exquisite opportunities for wholeness, growth and deep change from the inside outward.” - Bobbi Ellis, Founder of Soma Yoga

Please wear loose clothing. Bring Yoga mat, small blanket and water.

For those concerned about balance issues, we will frequently be using the wall, or chairs or other props as we explore and determine ways to shift and enhance stability - please remember that your safety is always a priority and your concerns valid!