Sharing the Joy of Nature

Benefits of aquatic therapy treatments:

The Watsu© Experience

Escape the pressures of the everyday world and enter the fluid waters of Watsu© where time stands still. Relax into the gentle hands of the therapist and sense that this is an experience beyond words. Let the warmth of the water, the soothing rotations, spirals and tractioning moves engage your body in a supported dance that floats away all sense of stress.

You are the water. You are the movement. Your tissue sinks into a deep awareness that has no language. You float, you turn, you find stillness, and your heart fills with the dynamic aliveness that is water. You breathe and it seems the water breathes with you. There is no effort. There is only the presence of the moment.

Watsu© literally means Shiatsu in the Water. It evolved under the guiding hands of Harold Dull in the Harbin Hot Springs of California. Since then, therapists from across the world have been drawn to this approach, sensing that this is a way of deeper integration and spiritual understanding for their clients.

Watsu© is a massage form, a deeply relaxing endeavor, a step into the healing nature of water connecting mind, body and spirit. It offers attention to specific tissue concerns while engaging the weaving, rotating, rocking motions of movement in water to create an environment many describe as ‘being in the womb’. This rhythmic communication opens the door to a deeply harmonic and meditative state.

For more information on Watsu© visit www.waba.edu (World Aquatic Bodywork Assistant) and YouTube Video